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Leveraging our network to send, receive, and collect instant borderless payments   

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Reliably moving money across borders with a 97.97% success rate on payment deliveries


Boosting transparency at every step of the payment journey with real-time transaction tracking


Simplifying compliance with regulatory approvals and licenses in 29 global markets

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Join us at our upcoming conference where our esteemed leadership team will be sharing their valuable insights.

Group 174-1

Ambar Sur

Founder and CEO

Wake Up With The Leaders: With Breakfast

This session will explore key SFF themes - driving Efficient Payments, Digitising Inclusion and exploring Responsible Tokenisation. Join these banking and payments leaders as they recap on the latest innovations in 2023 and chart a course for what we can expect in 2024. This session will set the conversation at the start of day 3 and spark ideas that will get discussed throughout the day.

17 November, 2023

8:00 am to 8:45 am SGT

Insights Stage (Hall 2, Singapore EXPO)

Group 238-1

Aniruddha Sane

Co-founder and
Chief Business Officer

"Enabling Financial Inclusion: A Journey Of Purpose with Ani Sane" - Powered By TerraPay

Ani Sane will share his journey, which began with a belief that even the smallest transaction deserves a borderless and secure journey. TerraPay's inception saw its co-founders navigating cross-border payments as newcomers, armed with a single-minded determinatioto problem solve. To prevent hard-earned money from becoming irretrievable, he developed proprietary technology, addressing incorrect account matching in markets like India. Ani will explore fintech’s transformative potential when guided by a higher purpose.

16 November, 2023

11:45 am – 12:00 pm SGT

Hall 4 Founders Peak Stage

Group 212-2-1

From 86.9% in January 
to 99% in April!

How did we help a global e-commerce marketplace giant improve their success rates and enhance their pay-outs capabilities, especially across the ASEAN countries?

Join TerraPay at Singapore Fintech Festival 2023 and discover how we can meet your global payment needs.